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Tour de Durjo Jember (Bike to Campus Activity)


bagaimana supaya istiqomah menulis

Saya heran mengapa koq layout blogger saya menjadi aneh

saya kesulitan untuk menulis karena html codenya berubah.

tapi yang lebih membingungkan saya sekarang adalah karena saya belum bisa istiqomah menulis sesuatu.

membaca blog teman saya membuat saya termotvasi kembali untuk menulis..
mulai dari mana ya?

catatan perjalanan saya pun belums saya posting..

ada yang bisa kasih saran?

IELSP-Student spotlight

Two months went so fast, I have learned many things that changed me to be a better person. These two months gave me wonderful experiences not only about English but also about how much I learned about my own culture and American culture. About English, I have learned the American English in conversation class that increased my English capability. My curiosity and questions about American culture have been answered. Before I left my country, I had many questions about American culture such as if Americans are egoists? Or that Americans didn’t respect others, I mean they are so individual. Are Americans really punctual? Do they have special culture? And other questions that I have had answered when I was there.

Before I arrived in the United States, I just thought that Americans are people who really don’t care about others activity, I mean they are so individual and only have little time to interact and to talk each other. What I found in the first day and in the first week told me…