Welcome to Ohio University

Thanks God..
this is nice trip. There were no big problem on my trip, except some of my group (IELSP batch IV @ Ohio University) Miss the flight because we got long secondary inspection in Chicago Airport.

At about 9 PM (local time) we are arrived here. We were pick up by Lindsay, Alexis, Gee (I don't know how to write his name :) ), and once more that I forgot his name (sorry...).

We take a ride by Vans for about 90 minute, and then we were arrived at Gordy Hall, Athens, Ohio. about 10:30 PM (I don't know exactly)

then we have a short meeting with Gerry and some Indonesian student here. Take a DINNER!!
(that was Great! and amazing!! we were all so Excited!!)

and then, we were gone to dorm to take sleep!

nice first night at Athens.


  1. welcome to America, IELSP fellow :) hope you like it and be happy with it. enjoy the season and stuffs. live your time in next 2 months. :)


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