Gyeongsang National University

The mission of Gyeongsang National University (GNU) is one of Pioneering. The eyes of pioneers see far beyond the present to the future. GNU was founded in 1948 as Jinju Agricultural College, in 1972 renamed as Gyeongsang National College. In 1980 GNU was designated as a university and so far for 60 years it has been educating talented students who have served society and let them to national prosperity.
In 2007, researchers at the university discovered a way to make cloned Turkish Angora cats glow red when exposed to ultraviolet light.
GNU is especially known for its specialized fields of bioscience, mechanical aviation engineering, and new nano-materials. In addition, GNU has made achievements in the humanities and in sociology, two fields which lay the foundation for human ethics. Beside this, GNU is proud to have a college of Education which produces great secondary school teachers to take responsibility for the education of Korea, as well as a College of Veterinary Medicine producing international veterinarians, and a College of Marine Science to pioneer the studies of the ocean in the 21st century.
The Graduate Schools of Medicine and Public Health are unique medical training institutions in Gyeongnam, and plans are being made with Gyeongsang National University Hospital to open a specialized medical center in 2013 in Changwon, the 2nd GNU hospital. GNU will advance international education in Korea by successfully partnering in international campuses in Incheon and Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zones.


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