Jember as an exciting Regency with the Jember Fashion Carnival

Note: Try to find mistakes in this essay. Just for practice our English.

            Indonesia, a tropical country, have many exciting places to visit. This country has thousands islands separated widely from west to east and located between two oceans and two continents. The archipelagos are consisted about 17.000 islands, and the most known island in Indonesia that has the most population is Java Island. There are six provinces in Java Island, which are Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Middle Java, Jogjakarta, and East Java. All of those provinces has own characteristics, natural scenery, and many place or event that interesting to visit. One of the best places that provide diverse activity on culture, event and natural area is Jember Regency that located in East Java province.
            East Java province attracts people to come and see the diversity of culture and scenery even in short distance trip. East java, located at the eastern side of Java Island, offers big experience for tourist who has adventurer soul of nature, art, fashion, culinary and also sport. We can found many more interesting activities in south and eastern part of East Java. Jember were known as regency or part of province in the eastern side of East Java. This city was predicated as the third biggest city in East Java after Surabaya and Malang. In this regency we can find plenty of beautiful beaches, cave and Nusa Barong Island at south region. We can find green forest, hills, coffee plantation and traditional tea farming in north and east region. The west region provides large agricultural land and cocoa farming. Actually, even this city is categorized as the young city, Jember have a high growing rate of development. The development is not only in economics, but also in cultural life of the society. The union of many cultural citizens that come to this city was made this city become more diverse and has new culture.
            Jember offered diverse tourism events like natural wild track, art festival, fashion carnival and traditional tradition that held in special times. Jember has also a special month called “month to visit Jember” that held each year to invite more people and tourist from other country to visit Jember. There are many festival during this month, usually it’s held on August, that including time to ceremony the independence day of Indonesia. In this month there are traditional game championship and many kind of carnival and festivals like Jember Fashion Carnival, Jember City Carnival, Traditional walking together for 30 km from Tanggul that called Tajemtra, school parade, and another festivals  that are attractive and interactive.
            As there are many carnivals that are held in Jember, the most interesting carnival ever is Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC). This carnival is the famous even in fashion world and had recorded as the longest catwalk in the world. At these even the JFC crew made their costume self without any help from their parents or professional costume maker. At this opportunity the crews that comprised by the children and the teenager arrange their costume from traditional material from the nature or even from recycled material. This is show that how far they can creatively they design their own costume, and from their costume they will get mercy if they win as the best or in good and creative categorized costume. On the carnival, the costume that they had made become more perfect because the review from the adjudicators few days before the show.
The carnival day when their costumes begin to show on the street, they made a line that categorized base on the topic of their costume or dressing. Each category has own line and own dancing to perform their costume as well as they can. They must walk about 3 km far to perform they costume. The JFC crews walk on the “road catwalk” like a professional model. The tourist and Jember citizen usually has been waiting their performance in the side of Main Street of Jember City since the noon. At the last carnival that was held in August 7, 2008, there were about seven lines that perform the seven different costume or different dressing. At the finish, the crew will find that they have finished their work by the closing from the Regent of Jember regency and they were made their dream come true as the JFC participant.
The plenty of beautiful natural resources, culture, traditional games, traditional art performance and other interesting event like Jember Fashion Carnival will give you an excited experiences that will never you imagine before and unforgatable in your live. Let’s come and visit and you will know how the Jember society and the nature are welcoming you with friendly. Visit Indonesia 2008.


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