A Cup of Cappuccino in BS Caffe Jinju

Quite long time I didn't update my blog, actually, I already have some draft that need to be completed and publish it but still I didn't have enough courage to completed my writing and publish it. Today, I am going to write a little bit out of my habit! writing in English. Have been long time I didn't uhm.. "seriously" writing about something in English, specially for my blog, but seems I just wanna start practicing my English writing.

Okay, today is about a small café near my boarding home, just couple step from my ground floor. This cafe is located at a corner of small alley near Paris Baguete of GNU back gate in Jinju. Previously it was named Mokambo cafe and recently might be the owner changed and also the cafe was renovated to new cafe named BS Caffe. I just knew that the BS Caffe is stand for Black Swan Caffe. (by the way, which one is the right one, café, cafe, or caffe. a silly question from me).

Today is my first visit, I ordered a cup of cappuccino, uhm... well... I am not that coffee lover, I just like to enjoy the taste of bitterness combined with some special & unique taste of each coffee. Honestly, so far I couldn't find a very catchy cappuccino that can satisfied my sense of lovely cappuccino that blend with my tongue and dancing with my mood. I din't order expresso because that will become a bad Idea for my sleep tonight. My personal rating for today cappuccino is somewhat this cappuccino can satisfy me tonight, maybe one of the best that I tasted in South Korea. The barista that served my cappuccino seems is the owner of this cafe, not the ordinary barista girl that wearing some cowboy hat (it's kind of cute tough). The price of this cappuccino is 4500 won, it's the standard price I think, almost similar to other cafe around GNU, but with a better taste. I could be wrong about the taste, you might taste it differently but for tonight, this cappuccino is good.

You can see from the first photos in this blog, they (he) served my cappuccino with a hearth drawing on it. Well done, but I hope to see some different "drawing" on it, such as a beautiful cute face.. (come on, this is not a piece of paper ryza! haha..). Since I came over too late, about one hour before its closing time around 12:30 midnight, I cannot enjoy long time writing and reading there. After I took some photos and finished my cappuccino, I decided to go back to my room but before that, I am giving appreciation for his cappuccino. Seems he is happy for my comment (I said, "this is good, thanks"). What a lovely smile from him, at least if in the case when you drink coffee that not good and want to give suggestion, giving one appreciation before your suggestion might be work better. Specially at late night work. :) #randomsuggestion.

About the cafe
This cafe is quite nice place, soft lighting cafe, the wooden interior and brownie floor made me feel more some boost to write relaxing article, not some serious article or some work related to my lab work. The jazz music also drag my mood to the cozy-ness of cafe. hehe.. (what an excuse not to finished my lab-work). I took some photos of this cafe, to give you a better view.

For more detail inside of this cafe you can click one by one of my photos. I took this photos using my SGS3, so might have some blur images due to my shaky hands combined to some low lighting.
Panoramic view inside of caffe from the entrance
cute, antique ornament
This is "something" related to bean processing
Here is the menu list on a fancy glass

This is kind of "something" interior. (haha.. couldn't find better description)
they have some "private-space"
another "private space"
They put a lot of of plants, which is somewhat I loved it
Right step is to the "second floor" of this caffe
Inside of previous photo
This spot is on the top of previous photo
They do have many living plants and ornaments

You can see from my photos, this place is quite good for writing, reading is also okay, little less light in some seats, but you can find some spot that have good lighting. Something that I like from this cafe is its not that noisy. Unlike some famous franchise cafe in front gate of GNU, this cafe is pretty quite, maybe because its not that big, not too many noisy and chit-chat visitors. I would recommend you to give it try. Well, this is my first visit, I might need to try their espresso to really taste how good is their coffee.

Have a nice monday readers!

Jinju, in the corner of BS Caffe right after I finished my last drop of cappuccino.


  1. Nice piece of writing. It informs the detailed situation well. After reading your story, I could imagine that the cafe is indeed a very nice place to stay. It's good for doing papers. How I wish one day I can be there to, studying in Korea. Ok then, enjoy your life in Korea. :)


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