Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

The weather recently much colder and colder in South Korea. Specially this week, in some Korean news they mention about the "cold wave" come to Korea. In Jinju the temperature dropped very quick reaching about -12 degree in the morning, and below 4 degrees at daytime. Windchill make it worse, feels like freezing when it blew my skin.
I don't know why, about 2 days ago my throat getting pain. It's called a sore throat, kind of common to catch during winter. The combination of cold weather, very dry air (very low humidity) and some adjustment to my "new" experiment schedule makes me little bit weak. The sore throat mainly caused by infections virus, bacteria and others. Some very common is caused by "cold" virus. I think my sore throat is caused by this "going to catch cold soon" sign. I hope getting better soon.

Well, those two paragraph sort of writing a diary, hehe.. okay, now about the sore throat. I found some tips to release or reduce the pain. Lets call it sore throat remedies. Here is some natural ingredients that can help. (I took it directly from this link)

  1. Honey: Honey is a traditional sore-throat remedy. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can speed up the healing process. Add a teaspoon of honey to one cup of hot water or have it with herbal tea.
  2. Ginger tea: Though it has a spicy flavour, ginger works brilliantly as a sore-throat remedy. It helps flush out toxins from your body and boosts your blood circulation. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help kill bad bacteria. So, grate some ginger root in in a warm, soothing cup of tea.
  3. Salt water gargle: Though old-fashioned, salt water gargle is quick and effective sore-throat relief. Besides being a mild antiseptic, salt helps to clear out the phlegm from your throat and reduce its swelling. Add half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Stir it thoroughly, so it dissolves and gargle. Repeat about three times a day.

My favourite is the honey, I liked honey since I was kid. Usually during my "hard time to study" I have honey as supplement at high school and college. Next is the ginger tea, I like it specially during cold weather because the ginger give me some more warm feeling. My last pick is the salt water gargle, I don't know why even this method is the simplest but not really enjoying it. 

I hope I will not catch cold and get better soon.



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